Konferensbidrag 2017

Följande forskning har medarbetare inom primärvården i Västra Götalandsregionen presenterat vid olika konferenser runt om i världen hittills under 2017.

Dalemo S, Eggertsen R, Hjerpe P, Almqvist EG, Bengtsson Boström K. Bone mineral density in primary care patients with elevated calcium concentrations in Sweden – a longitudinal cohort study. Reykjavik, Island: Nordic Congress of General Practice; 2017.

Foster A, de Costa A, Gunnarsson R. Evaluation of General Surgical Outreach on Thursday Island. Adelaide, Australia: Royal Australian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress; 2017.

Nordström K, Dalemo S. Is it possible to select patients suitable for referral for colonoscopy, to find more patients with colorectal cancer? A retrospective study in one large Swedish Health Care Centre. Reykjavik, Island: Nordic Congress of General Practice.; 2017.

Segerkvist M, Dalemo S. Increased risk of complications among long-term users of proton pump inhibitors? A retrospective study of prescriptions at four Swedish Health Care Centres. Reykjavik, Island: Nordic Congress of General Practice; 2017.

Windress A, Gunnarsson R. Contemporary Coming of Age: Defining a Successful Transition and Identifying Enablers and Barriers. Boras, Sweden: Individual Self-esteem and Transition to Adolescence with Respect (ISTAR); 2017.

Windress A, Gunnarsson R. What constituents success in the transition into adulthood? Borås, Sweden: Enablers and barriers for successful transition from childhood to adulthood – 3rd biannual international ISTAR conference; 2017.

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