Konferensbidrag 2018

Följande forskning har medarbetare inom primärvården i Västra Götalandsregionen presenterat vid olika konferenser runt om i världen under 2018.

Ali L,  Fors A,  Ekman I. Belief in Medication among people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and/or chronic heart failure. Dublin: EuroHeartCare; 2018.
Blanck E,  Fors A,  Ali L,  Brännström M,  Ekman I. Person-centred telephone support for patients with chronic heart failure and / or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – the relative’s perspective. Dublin: EuroHeartCare; 2018.
Buschel H,  Gunnarsson R,  Blyth S,  Hillier S. Predicting patient exercise capacity: How hard can it be? Munich germany: European Society of Cardiology; 2018.
de Jager E,  Gunnarsson R,  Ho Y. Is there a gap? Surgical access and postoperative outcomes in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders a systematic literature review. Sydney, Australia: Royal Australian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Conference; 2018.
Eriksen H,  Romøren M,  Sundvall P,  Fagernes M,  Lindbaek M. Symposium: Antibiotic consumption, infection prevention and antibiotic resistance in the elderly. Oslo, Norway: 24th Nordic Congress of Gerontology (24NKG); 2018.
Fors A,  Blanck E,  Ali L,  Swedberg K,  Ekman I. Person-centred telephone-support is effective in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and/or chronic heart failure – six-month follow-up of a randomised controlled trial. Vienna: ESC Heart Failure; 2018.
Gunnarsson R,  Cullen P,  Heal C,  Banks J. Increasing the Populations’ Interest in Health Related Research: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Chicago: 46th NAPCRG (North American Primary Care Research Group) Annual Meeting; 2018.
Larsson A,  Miniscalco C,  Mark H,  Schölin J,  Jönsson R,  Persson C et al. Velopharyngeal Function and Consonant Proficiency in Internationally Adopted Children with UCLP At Age 5. Cascais, Portugal: 10th European Congress of Speech and Language Therapy; 2018.
Mayne S,  Bowden A,  Sundvall P,  Gunnarsson R. The confusing relation between confusion and urinary tract infection in the elderly: findings from a systematic literature review and implications for research. Rome, Italy: Nursing Home Research International Working Group; 2018.
Rindner LR,  Strömme GS,  Nordeman LN,  Hange DH,  Gunnarsson RG,  Rembeck GR et al. Women´s health – ”in the middle of life” - Group education to women in primary health care around menopausal symptoms. New York: Global Nursing Education Conference, March 21-23, 2018 New York, USA; 2018.
Wolf A,  Vella R,  Fors A. The impact of a person-centred care rehabilitation intervention on patient-reported care experience: A randomized controlled trial. Münich: ESC Congress; 2018.
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