Powerpoints from the conference

Thomas Dishion - Building Bridges Across Intervention Models: The Family Check-up Strategy

Thomas Dishion - Social Learning Components in School Settings: Building Bridges to Parent Training and Family Work

Daniel Shaw - Early Risk Factors for Children’s Problem Behavior in Early Childhood: Identifying Targets for Early Intervention

Daniel Shaw - Engaging Families in Preventive Interventions in Nontraditional Settings: Use of the Family CheckUp in Pediatrics and Nutritional Service Agencies in Early Childhood and Early Adolescence

Marion Forgatch - Sustainability through Full Transfer: From Developer to Community

Terje Ogden - Crossing national, cultural and language barriers: Implementing and testing evidence-based practices in Norway; 15 years of challenges and achievements

Anne Mauricio - Cross-Cultural Scale-Up of the Family Check-Up: Common Barriers and Facilitators

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