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Närhälsan is the largest primary health provider in Sweden and Scandinavia. We have hundreds of clinics and centers throughout Västra Götaland Region, covering 50 professional categories. If you want a stimulating and meaningful work with competent colleagues and development opportunities then you should come and work with us at Närhälsan. We are always looking for passionate people who are ready to join us and shape tomorrow's healthcare.

Educated abroad

To apply for job vacancies at Närhälsan, you must hold a license to practice in professions within the Swedish healthcare system, have good knowledge of the Swedish language and also be well acquainted with the current healthcare legislation.

License to practice in professions within the Swedish healthcare system

If you have a profession within healthcare, you will need a license to practice within the Swedish healthcare system. If you have a licence to practice outside of Sweden, you need to obtain a Swedish licence to be able to practice in any of the regulated professions within the Swedish health care system. The fact that a professions is regulated means that you have an exclusive right to practice a profession, or that the professional title or specialist designation is protected by law.

Regulated professions

The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) is a government agency in Sweden under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. There are 21 regulated professions that the National Board of Health and Welfare issues licenses or certificates of proficiency for: biomedical scientist, dietitian, doctor of medicine, medical physicist, midwife, nurse responsible for general care, occupational therapist, pharmacist, psychologist and psychotherapist.

Educated within EU or EEA

Below you can see which professions this applies to and how you can apply for a license to practice if you are educated within EU or EEA.

Educated within EU or EEA

Educated outside EU and EEA

If are educated outside the EU and EEA and want to work as a healthcare practitioner in Närhälsan, Region Västra Götaland, you may need to obtain a license. Below you can see the professions for which you need a license and how you go about obtaining it.

Language requirements

For us to be able to employ you, you need Swedish skills equivalent to level C1 on the Council of Europe’s scale (CEFR).

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