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Rehabilitation Clinic (Rehabmottagning)

A more active life

There could be many reasons why you feel physically limited or in pain. It could be due to a congenital injury (an injury you were born with), a sports injury, or stress. It could also be the result of a stroke, operation, hand injury or arthrodesis. You may have a chronic pain disorder. Regardless of whether you want to lead a more active life or whether you want to manage day-to-day life better, you are welcome to visit one of our rehabilitation clinics.

You do not need a referral or to be listed to make an appointment with a physiotherapist or occupational therapist.

Helping to make daily life easier

Do you find it difficult to manage day-to-day life, your job, or your leisure activities? Our occupational therapist will help you find solutions and innovative ways to make life easier, helping you to remain as active as possible.

Together we prepare a personal rehabilitation plan with activities and training. This could involve:

  • bringing greater structure and balance to your daily life
  • joint and hand training
  • training your memory, attention span and problem-solving ability
  • ways in which your home can be adapted to make daily life easier
  • ergonomic advice and techniques to help you use your body correctly

Assistive devices

Sometimes pure willpower or training is not enough. If that is the case, the occupational therapist can help you to try out personal assistive devices that could make your life easier.

Reduce pain and become stronger

Our physiotherapist will provide you with a personal plan for your rehabilitation, complete with activities and training, that will help make you stronger, feel better, and lead a more active life.

Treatment by a physiotherapist can be effective if you are suffering from:

  • Pain in your neck, shoulders and back
  • Stiff joints and tense muscles
  • Sports and training injuries
  • Neurological diseases

Stress and worry can cause physical pain. In that case, stress management and relaxation exercises can help.

Your needs govern what kind of treatment and training is best for you; individually or in a group, at home or at the clinic.

All rehab clinics (list A-Z)

Updated: 2017-11-08 15:40