Your medical records (Din journal)

When you become a patient, details of the care you receive are entered into your medical records. Medical records are notes that describe your care and treatment. Your medical records could include your medical history, the results of examinations you have undergone, and the medication you are taking. You are entitled to see any information about you that has been entered into your medical records.

Medical records online

By logging on to 1177 Care Guide e-services, you can read in digital form those parts of the medical notes that relate to the care you have received since November 1, 2016.

Order your medical records via 1177 Care Guide e-services

At some of our clinics you can order copies of medical records via 1177 Care Guide e-services. You should first search for your clinic. At 1177 Care Guide e-services, click on Order copies of medical records. If you do not see the link, this means that your clinic does not offer this option for ordering medical records. In that case, you can order copies using one of the options listed below. 

Order using a form, in person or by telephone

You can order your medical records using a special form that you fill in and send to the clinic that holds your medical records.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          You can also go to your clinic and place an order for your medical records, or you can order by phone.

Processing time and charge

The processing time depends on how extensive the order is and how the records are stored. An individual assessment is made for each order.

Copies will be sent to your registered home address.

There is a charge for printing out the medical records.